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I bought a really cheap and nasty airbrush few years ago now, to spray some stencils on Tshirt with fabric paint. I Had an old crash helmet lying around and decided to have a go at spraying it, and thus was born another expensive and time consuming hobby. I tried doing stuff for money, didn't really like it very much. Here's all the stuff I've painted.







Small Stuff [][][]











How to Paint True fire [][][] 





















Helmets [][][]















Guinness Horses [][][] 








How to paint

 A Tron helmet [][][]

One of my favourite jobs this one, just gutted I didn't paint it for myself. May re-visit this one at some point in the future but for those who are interested now. Here is how I did it. 








 Camo Les Paul [][][]



 TwoTone Telecaster [][][] 



















Snowboards [][][]












 Guns n' Roses Tank [][][]













Odds & Sods [][][]











Airbrush [Sketchbook]