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  I've flirted with making,  modifying and printing my own clothes quite a few times over the years with varying degrees of success. Those aforementioned degrees usually ranging from fairly bad to really quite terrible.

Things did take a slight upturn when I  bought a cutting machine called a CraftRobo to cut stencils for airbrushing but which can also be used for cutting heat press Tshirt Vinyl . The CraftRobo  seems to be primarily marketed at menopausal housewives who despite never having  shown any interest or aptitude in the proceeding 40+ years suddenly decide one hot flushed night that they have missed their calling in life and are in fact and undiscovered creative genius. This machine allows them to start churning out die cut greetings cards at a rate of knots to sell down the the W.I and to involve themselves in an activity called Scrapbooking which to me looks like an incredibly dull and unsatisfying way to spend your time, but each to their own.

 Anyway...I digress. .......Here are some Tshirts and hoody's I have made for myself and friends. If I ever get my shit together I make some to sell. 




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