Sketchbook [stuff

 I don't consider myself to be a graphic designer by any stretch of the imagination, If I had to rate my own artwork (if you can even call it that) I would waver somewhere  between "not totally offensive" and "complete dogshit" depending on my mood on any given day. I do occasionally draw stuff out of necessity and sometimes even enjoy it. I have done commission work before but really don't like that at all. Mostly I create things by accident and promise myself one day I will turn them into finished pieces of work but instead I just store them here in my repository of half baked and half finished ideas, ready for such a time as they might become useful. 




"Repetition & Variation"   





10 year Anniversary present - for my wife Faye [][][]





Print ideas [][][] 






Clothing design [stuff]

i have always made and modified my own clothes throughout the the years with varying degrees of success. checkout the my latest t shirt and hoody designs here.





Surface pattern designs [][][]







Logo design [][][]    







Robots are our friends [][][]









Exploding Sun Sketchbook [][][]




Wallpapers Icon Sketchbook [][][]





















Circuit sketchbook [][][]







The Fox's Sketchbook[][][]







I have loved Vespa's ever since I bought my first one age 16, a shitty pink/purple PK50 that went 25 mile an hour flat out, looked like scrap and sounded like the world was ending. No idea what started my obsession, don't really know why it continue. All I can say is....if you know, then you know.








Hand drawn Schematics [][][]











vinyl decals stuff [][][]

I own a little cutting machine which i initially bought to cut stencils for airbrushing, but which can also be used to create your own custom vinyl decals. check out some of my decal designs here.





Swallows Sketchbook [][][]







 Cakes, plates  and........ 


nothing rhymes with automobiles [][][]



















 I Love[d] my filofax [][][] 









Products [Sketchbook]











Retro Joy [][][]























  1. SKULL(S) 
  2. ROBOT 
  3. VESPA
  5. CATS (Square/Pink Bot)
  10. SYRINGE(s)
  11. RETRO JOY (Atari / Invaders)
  12. ICONS (Drawn & Desktop)
  14. TV's
  15. PRINTS 
  16. SURFACE PATTERN (Pile 'o skulls / dogtooth invaders / cupcakes /syringe)
  17. OVERLAYS (e.g Wood & Paint / Faythulu/Pin Up)







Airbrush [Sketchbook]