Kes Guitar [project] 


This is a guitar I am building for someone to give as present for their Nephew. Originally asked me to paint a Kes themed guitar but didn't have a guitar ready to paint so offered to build one and paint it.  Good experience for me and cheeper than buying a pre-made guitar with same spec. 

 Had a few telecaster bodies laying, so the choice was between standard tele routing, A strat routed telecaster body or 'stratelecaster' and a Tele Cabronita. Decided to go for the Cabronita as this would leave the most space for artwork.





  • Bridge
  • Seymour Duncan p-Rail
  • Metal pickup surround
  • Locking Tuners
  • Ferrules
  • Roller String trees
  • jack plate / socket


  1. Widened peg holes for locking tuners
  2. Deepened Neck pocket
  3. Sorted nut height/action
  4. Made pick up route bugger for full size humbucker
  5. Lined up new bridge and pickup surround
  6. Drilled holes for Jack socket and cable routing (pickup and bridge earth - Extra long drill bit)
  7. Sanded body
  8. LEvelled and dressed frets
  9. Drilled and routed hole for Jack Socket 



Drilling out the headstock to fit the locking tuners  




Had to rout out the pickup cavity to fit a full size humbucker and drop the neck pocket by 5mm so neck will sit lower.











The three most-used modes for the P-Rails pickup are series humbucker, P-90 mode and rail mode








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  • Tusq nut 
  • Control plate  







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