helmets [][][] 








Knights Templar Helmet [][][]



This was a commission for a guy called Adam who got my number from a friend of a friend. Actually quite enjoyed doing this which is unusual for a commission. Adam knew exactly what he wanted doing and just left it to me to decide on how to lay it all out and finish it off. 










Tron helmet [][][]



Still one of my favourite designs. Tron, if you haven't seen the original 80's film, go and watch it now. It rocks, well it's not exactly oscar material but the art direction is fantastic especially when you consider the time it was made. There are few films as visually striking as tron. The only one better I can think of from the time is blade runner. Did this for a friend of my brother in law called Haggis and it was a 'Paint what the fuck you want' sort of situation. Which can be both a blessing and a curse. Spent quite a while agonising over what to paint and eventually ended up doing one of the first things I thought of ........which was this.........obviously. See full gallery here.










Safety helmet [][][]


This is a fire safety helmet my friend Martin stole from an oil rig he was working on. I really like this one, reminds me of G-force and 50's hot rods. The paint on it was this really cool pearlescent white which I didn't realise at first glows in the dark. It was only when I wandered down stairs in the middle of the night one evening to get a glass of water and found it glowing in the corner of the corner of the living room, I nearly shit myself.










Venus in skulls [][][]

This is (one of) my helmets. Is just a cheap Caberg from ebay. The design is based on a Vince Ray print my wife bought called 'Venus in Fuzz' which I really, really like. Still love and wear this helmet. Far from perfect but there are elements, such as the candy ghosted skulls, which I really like. I really enjoyed doing this one and learned a lot from the process See full gallery here.










shady's monster [][][]


 Did this one for a guy called shady in the Mansfield Monsters scooter club. not really a lot to say, Frankensteins monster over lighting with 'Monster' in aluminium (reflective) base with candy red over the top. Really like the lightning on this one came out really bright and vivid thanks to the candy blue. 










Japanese dragon [][][]

This was just another practice helmet I ought cheap off ebay (think I paid a Tenner for it  including postage) The design was just based on a massive back piece tattoo I saw on someone in a magazine and a ribbony flame things down the side are based on another tattoo my wife has on her leg. 


Lots of things wrong with this and I eventually ended up putting far too much lacquer on and it all cracked like crazy pathing. You can see more pictures of this one here if your interested. I actually think it looked at it's best when it was just black and white but the whole point of this one was to try different things and not really about ending up with a nice finished piece.  










Flaming 8 ball piss pot [][][]

   Thought I would have a crack at True fire thing which seemed to be doing the rounds when I got my airbrush gear. This wasn't done for anyone, it was just a cheap  pisspot I bought from ebay to practice on. Not the greatest flame job in the world but certainly not the worst I have ever seen. I do like the flaming 8 ball thing though and it would be nice to have another crack at this with more experience under my belt. 










Flip front Guyver [][][]


Did this one for my little brother. The Guyver is a character from a manga series that was also made into an anime and released on the Manga Video label back when I was a young teenager. There is also a really low budget live action film starring Mark Hamill of (never did anything after) Star Wars fame. I think we got crossed wires somewhere because I think Ryan ( my brother) wanted a picture of the Guyver character on the helmet, not the helmet painting like the Guyver characters own, either way I really like this and I think my little bro did too.










Fire at the disco [][][]

This one was for my mate Tesco. Was a really old Battered helmet that I had to use loads of filler primer on to get it flat and smooth. The flames were done in white and then the whole thing was covered in hot rod sparkle metal flake. The orange / red fade on the flames was then painted in candy colours.









Tattooed aviator [][][]

Did this one for my wife, i think she wore it once.  Have mixed feelings about this one, it's all right. Should have added some drop shadows maybe and don't know what i was thinking with the cherries, they look like a big red pair of testicles dangling around on the front of the helmet. Never mind, you live and learn.










Carhartt camo piss pot [][][]

This is my second attempt Bought some proper airbrush paint (AutoAir) , a slightly more upmarket double action airbrush, and a couple of cheap 'piss pot' helmets of eBay.  The flames are done in candy colours over a sparkle base and the whole thing was just lacquered with Halfords spray cans. I actually really like this helmet and still use it, although it is a bit scuffed and battered these days.







My first helmet [][][]

This was the first thing I ever airbrushed apart from spraying a couple of stencils on some Tshirts and a few test strokes on some news paper. Everything it was possible to do wrong...i did wrong. Wrong helmet - had a rubberised coating rather than paint which took me 3 weeks to sand completely off. Wrong paint - used watered down Hobby craft acrylics which clogged the brush up every 30 seconds. Wrong airbrush - Cheap plastic single action thing with virtually no control over spray and wrong tape - used standard masking tape which doesn't stick very well and leaves a crap edge. Despite all that I think it turned out reasonably well, or at least well enough for me to want to do it again .