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My Vespa [][][]


 Vespa was looking a bit tatty and the engine was due for a tune up so thought I may as well give it another spruce up while it was in bits. Was a little bit more brave than last time but still didn't really have the time to be doing a full respray so this time painted all the same parts as before plus the side panels. 


I have a bit of a thing for camo, so decided to go with camo stripes and flames with an orange pinstripe....... mmmmm.....not really sure what I think of this. There are elements of it I like, but I think on the whole  it's a bit of a fail. Never mind the whole scooters in pieces at the moment ready to be painted properly the whole frame has been sanded and base coated (olive green) Just waiting for me to decide what to airbrush on it. You can visit my - Vespa [project] page here 










Guinness horses [][][]

 This was a commission through The Roadhouse. The lady who's tank this is supplied me with an old  Guinness promotional poster used during their award winning ad campaign. It is an excellent advert, love the Leftfield track. If you haven't seen the ad you can see it here. The brief was pretty straight forward, she wanted the 2 horse on right of the picture painting on the top of the tank with the spray and the clouds but minus the surfers...See full gallery here 











Guns n' Roses tank [][][]


This was my first proper commission, I had done a couple of paid jobs before but they were all for for friends or family for really small token amounts. 










Wolves for wolf... Grrr [][][]

This is another one I did which I really fucking hate, it was an absolute bastard to do and I wasn't particularly happy with it when it was done. It was another 3rd party comision job so never got to speak to the actual customer and the pictures I was provided with to do the Job from were literally the size of  postage stamps (you can see the actual pictures here and here) try painting  detailed  photo realistic pictures of wolves from those.  


 I feel some explanation of the text on the fenders is necessary. The guy who it was for's nickname was wolf and the registration plate of the bike was XXXX GRR and so he wanted the Reg number repeating on the front mudguard and his nickname on the back. 











Yellow Rose [][][] 

   This was just a quick job (again done through The Roadhouse paint shop in Pudsey). The photos aren't great but I actually really enjoyed doing this, it's a mixture of paint and coloured crayon for the finer detail. The stalk and leaves could have maybe been more life like but the petals looked pretty good 









Dream catcher's & lightning [][][]


This was another paid job for steve at The Roadhouse. Really isn't to my taste and if it had been left to my artistic judgement I would have left it black and white but the customer is always right and whatever god awful tacky shit they want.......they get. Sorry, that sounded far more bitter than it was meant to but this is the reason I don't really enjoy doing commissions. No lacquered pics of this am afraid, never saw it again after giving it back to Steve at the roadhouse.  










Satans Slaves chopper tank [][][]


No....I'm not too sure about the Nazi SS eyeballs either? This was a commission through steve the Roadhouse in Pudsey  for someone in Satan's Slaves bike club, I wasn't gonna argue. Had to do it twice because the first one was shit 


.......well it wasn't scary enough was the problem, Casper the friendly ghost was mentioned. Was fair enough really. Anyway not really my cup o tea but I did enjoyed painting the scary wizened skull and it was good freehand airbrush experience. Unfortunately Steve from Road House didn't take any pics of it after lacquer. 











My Vespa [][][]


This is sort of what kick started the whole custom painting thing, I love vespas always have. I got my first vespa at 16, a lilac PK50 which me and my mates tried to spray  a slightly less effeminate shade of purple along with most of the drive, much to my poor mums dismay. Anyway,  I had been thinking about doing something with my scooter for a while but sometimes you need a catalyst  get you started. For me it was wrecking the front mudguard coming home from work one morning after a night shift.  Steep hill + Icy road + under inflated front tire = Smashed mudguard + red face.


 Being as I was gonna be stripping the whole front end down anyway I thought I might as well tart my scoot up a bit. Didn't really have the time, skill or inclination to do a propper re-spray and the black paint which the previous owner had put on it, was done really well so just decided to add some orange (my favourite colour) to the bits I could remove easily. Also painted the hubs and the front fork to match the rest.