guitars [][][] 






Twotone Telecaster  [][][]

This guitar was built for my friend Ben's 30th birthday. Ben runs a punk night (and festival) called Slam Dunk so TwoTone sunburst seemed the natural way to go, also designed and painted the flaming skull logo on the back. 


The Guitar body is painted with AutoAir water based airbrush paint and lacquered with spray can acrylics. The neck is finished in urethane wood varnish and has an asymmetric neck profile (Stevie Ray Vaughn  style) which basically means I have reshaped the neck so that is thinner at the bottom edge than it is at the top which gives a very comfortable and unique feel. 


One part of this guitar I am particularly proud of is the scratch plate. It's just a standard scratch plate sanded flat, masked off and then sprayed with a light coat of lacquer. When the whole things buffed up, the un lacquered area remains matte giving it a very subtle etched effect. Want to try this idea again in reverse using a sandblaster to etch the design into the shiny scratch plate. See full build gallery here 






Camo Les paul [][][]


Just a cheap Westfield Les Paul copy I bought off a friend for £50 and decided to have a go at painting. Nice thing about guitars with binding like a Les Paul is you can get away with just painting the face of the guitar instead of having to paint and lacquer the whole thing.  Always had a soft spot for Camouflage and the Von Dutch inspired Flying eyeball seemed to fit nicely with the shape of the body. 








Modified Les Paul special [][][]


 This guitar is the worst guitar I have ever had the misfortune to play. It's an Epiphone Les Paul special  made in the bad old days when these were made from plywood. I decided that if I couldn't make it sound good i could at least make it look interesting,  so i took a jigsaw to it and re shaped the body. Still sounds like shit but at least now it looks cool. You can read the full sorry  story and see build photos here on my.


The paint was inspired by Graffiti artist Flying Fortress, the bear is one of his characters. There is a series of them done with KISS make up on the helmets which i really like.