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KISS Easter eggs [][][]

Got roped into spending my weekend doing these thanks to my wife Faye, who inadvertently entered herself into the Easter Egg competition at work. Have been meaning to draw up the KISS faces in illustrator for ages so this was just a good opportunity to get them done.








Flaming skull canvas [][][] 

I've Had this black coated canvas sat in the back porch for months (if not years) gathering dust. Was just bored one afternoon and painted this. "True fire" on white skull. To paint realistic fire you will need......

  • Transparent  - Yellow / Orange / Red & White
  • Candy           - Yellow / Orange / Red
The technique is fairly simple and I am sure once you know how to do it you can doe a much better job of it than me. 


Start by painting vaguely flame shaped stokes in Transparent red, then go over the transparent red with Candy Red overspraying  liberally. Then, using a free hand stencil / shield  held a few cm's away from your surface,  spray slightly tighter, more focused flame shapes in your Transparent orange. Then hit the that with your Candy Orange to fuzz up the edges. Then do the same again with your Transparent and Candy yellow, this time with the stencil closer to the canvas for even tighter, sharper flame shapes. Lastly use your transparent white to pick out some highlights / hotspots before giving it a final once over with candy yellow. You won't get the full effect till it's lacquered, but once the clear coat goes on the Candy colours should come alive giving you a deep rich layered image.  








pile o' skulls picture frame [][][]  

This one was just for my living room. Recently redecorated and changed the primary colour from orange (my favourite colour) to teal. We've had the orange for years and have built up quite a collection of orange stuff. This was just my small attempt at making a start on getting some teal blue items to start filling up the living room with. 






Hellboy Snowboard [][][]

This was my first proper Job done for someone I don't know,who just found me online. Was a very nice lady called Lisa who wanted me to Paint this for her husband as an anniversary present. She brought me a big hard back book with Hellboy artwork in and just said I could pick whatever I wanted. This is one of my favorite pieces, and one of the few things I have panted that I don't wish I had done differently. I was going for a water colour style effect to match the original artwork. After painting a grey base coat I just sketched out the whole design in pencil and white chalk and the painted over the top on transparent's leaving the pencil to show through. 








hockey mask horror [][][]

 This one was for my friend Gemma who I used to work at the Cockpit with back in my student days. Gemma had started playing Ice hocky (cant remember the team) and asked me if I fancied painting her Goaly mask. Ice hockey's pretty violent so gory and intimidating was the chosen brief. 







Japanese dragon wheel cover [][][]

This one was done for my little mam. She bought a self a little purple Suzuki Vitara 4x4 and asked me if I could do her a spare wheel cover for it. Wanted to have another go at the dragon design I tried on this helmet right hyar. Again this is jsut me practicing my free hand airbrush technique so it's far from perfect but it was quite fun to do. As with the first time I tried it (on the helmet) I actually prefer the look of the half finished black and white version.





Pin-up Girl Snowboard  [][][] 

Painted this for my friend Martin. It was an old snowboard that wasn't going to be used anymore, just put on the wall for decoration. It was pretty battered and scuffed so had to use a lot of filler and primer to get it ready for painting.


When I sanded it flat I decided I actually really liked the messy, mottled finish and just decided to paint something straight over the top. Had been wanting to have a go at doing a pin up girl for a while and a snowboard seemed like the perfect shape for it. I was really pleased with this when I had finished but thought the Red (read pink) was a bit Jarring over the yellowy beige of the filler primer. To solve the problem I covered the whole thing in red candy and completely ruined the whole thing. It's now sat fucked in the back of the shed and my poor friend Martins wall remains bare. 




Hot Rod House Sign [][][] 


Painted this to go on the front of our house, there was no house number sign on it when we bought it. Foolishly lacquered it

 and left it on  top of the wheelie bin overnight to dry. A hord of slugs crawled across it during the night. The resulting slime trails which had a weird reaction with the lacquer causing it to crack like crazy pathing. Can't imagine it did the slugs much good either. To be honest it wasn't the worlds greatest loss, i quite like the pinstripe detail but the ball and the fire didn't really come out as i wanted it. 







Ren & Stimpy [][][] 

 This one's in my wife's office at work. Sketched the design in white pencil on black mounting board, then free hand airbrushed with Autoair paint. Topped with a light coat of transparent base to seal it, then outlined with a black sharpie marker. got the technique idea from alan pastrana at pastranaunlimited.com I almsot don't want to give the link because he's so good. Once you've seen his stuff you probably won't come back here.






True Fire on White Board  [][][] 

 This one is just another shit practice board. Kept seeing "True fire" tutorials everywhere and thought I would have a go. I think the proper way to do it is to use lots of candy colours on a black base, which i did eventually try on this helmet here with mixed results.This ones just watered down cheap badger acrylics on a piece of cardboard.






Shit Free Hand  Skull [][][]

This was just me messing about acrylics on cardboard. Hadn't had the airbrush very long and had been using stencils for everything so this was my first go at free hand airbrushing. It's proper shit but thought i would include it for the sake of posterity. 





Sacred Heart Baby grow [][][]  

  I can't remember if i made this for someone or if i was just messing about. I know i had a load of plain baby grows kicking around that I had been using to make presents. There was a period a couple of years ago where there didn't seem to be a week went by where someone i know didn't have a baby, I was  churning out "i love mum" & "i love dad" baby grows like there was no tomorrow. Anyway, this is just watered down fabric paints on a cotton baby grow.