Guitar FX  [Builds]


Back to guitar stuff [][][]

I've always had a guitar lying around since i was bout 13, my enthusiasm has peaked and waned many times over the years and I don't think i have ever been particularly good. But I do like dicking about with stuff, and if you play guitar there is a never ending list things to dick about with.








BD Booster Box [][][]

This is my modified version of the Jfet booster from the Run off groove "Big Daddy" amp. It uses a rotary switch to change the bypass cap on the bias network which alters both the amount of boost, and fullness of the boost as well as controlling the LED's . Position [1] gives you a mild boost with a bit of sparkle, Postion [2] is a medium gain treble boost and Position [3] is full fat, full on screaming lead boost. There is also a switched output cap to further tailor the tone. There you go a simple decent sounding boost that can be used with a 386 power amp or run straight into the front of a tube amp.













LPB-1 Booster box [][][]

Been doing a lot of experimenting with the LPB-1 booster circuit for my  mylk[386]amp project and in order to clear some space on my pedal breadboard for other booster testing I thought I should build myself one. It sounds great in the front end of my little  blackheart. I decided to build it as a booster box rather than a pedal as I do most of my guitar playing just sat noodling on the sofa am not really interested in foot switching and changing sounds, I just want a decent tone I can tweak and jam with.

Never one to make life easy for myself I decided to build in the smallest box possible rather than a standard MXR size hammond enclosure (which it would have fit in easily). I don't know what they call these little aluminium boxes with plastic ends but they come from maplin and cost about 4 quid.  


The circuit is just a standard LPB-1  with the addition of a 500k pot as a variable resistor between the 9v + and the circuit to vary the voltage. Reducing the voltage reduces the headroom making the circuit get all lo-fi and spitty which I quite like. Reminds me a lot of the black keys sort of tone. The big knob is volume, the small one is the voltage, and the switch is on or (true) bypass. 











Mini fuzz face(s) [][][]

  This is my first go (or goes) at building a guitar pedal. What better place to start than a classic Fuzzface. It's an iconic pedal with an unmistakable look and sound. Thought it would be nice idea to use the origional Fuzzface look and graphics in a smallbox MXR format. Seems a waste to have a circuit the size of a matchbox in a pedal the size of a bin lid.

One pedal soon turned into 2 when i started researching the circuitThe blue one is the origional Germanium Transistor version and the red one is the later (and current) silicone version. (excellent article on fuzz face transistors here)


 The Germanium one sounds better without question, but it took lot of work to to get transistors with the right values  I had to buy 20 old Germanium transistors which weren't cheap, just to end up with 4 with the right gain and leakage. The circuit worked and sounded great on the breadboard and in the test pedal i made, but never worked once i got it in the painted  enclosure. I will be re visiting this project again in the future as it seems a shame to waste all the money and time I spent getting and sorting the germaniums. 

The red one works fine and i use it all the time, sounds, well......just like a fuzzface, you can also play around with swapping the transistors to get different sounds. 


The plan is to build the Germanium one again from scratch including the cases as the paint could have been better. Would like to do a propper  'how to' post with step by step instructions. So if you're interested in building your own classic Germanium Fuzzface in a tiny box.............stay tuned. Full gallery here if your interested