DIY Telecaster kit [][][]


Had been toying with the idea of building my own guitar for a while and had been perusing parts on ebay looking for some bargain bits to get started. After getting a bit lost trying to work out which bits fit what, I started looking at the Saga Guitar kits as an easier and cheaper alternative but wasn't really all that excited by them. After a bit of searching I found the D.i.y guitar shop, a British company selling really nice quality guitar kits made from proper wood. Quickly fell in love the Ash bodied Telecaster kit with black binding.I do love a guitar with binding, they just look more dapper.

Was really impressed with the quality of the kit when it arrived and after dry building it and hanging it on the wall for a few days to have a look and a think, I decided what it really needed was load of black components and a neck with a Jet black ebony fret board. So much for saving money. In the end the only part of the kit I ended up using in this build was the ash body which meant I had a whole guitar minus a body left over to do something with. In the end the leftover bits became the TwoTone Telecaster [][][]

The neck was bought from Wormoth in the states and it's awesome. You get to spec every single variable yourself, from the woods, to the nut width right down to what kind of truss rod you want in it. It wasn't cheap...about £300 quid all together but it was worth every penny.

Neck Specks are -

  • Wormoth Pro. Constrution (duel truss)
  • Clapton V profile
  • Maple with Jet black ebony fretboard
  • 10"- 16" compound radius fingerboard
  • NO fret markers (just side dots)
  • 1-11/16" (42.85mm) nut
  • 22 6105 frets (Narrow and tall) - Jumbo height but standard width .
  • Graphtech nut
All the Black component apart from the scratch plate were bought from CH Guitars, my favourite ebay seller, great quality at a great price. The pickups are from a Real fender but i have no idea what they are i bought a few different ones to play about with and i can't remember for the life of me which ones i used in the end .

I absolutely love this guitar, which I am sure is in no small part down to the fact that i built i myself and although I have few guitars in the house, this is the one I pick up and play everyday. It's so light and comfy and they Wormoth neck is just a dream to play.

This is a bit of an on going project and has undergone many incarnations since I first built it [2010] and I am sure it will undergo many more before it meets it's end.