mylk [mech] Box Mod




Duel 18650 Mechanical Mod with "Fat Daddy Vapes" 510 connector, chemical etched skulls design and (neodymium) magnetic battery cover closure. 


Made this for my brother as a Christmas present using all the techniques I have learned making guitar pedals and mini amps. Made from a standard Hammond 1509b guitar pedal enclosure etched with a combination of Ferric Chloride, copper and Citric acid.  





 "How to build an e-cig Box Mod" 














Stuff to Know [][][]


 The CORRECT way to connect two batteries in parallel






 "How to build a modYoutube playlist  














Variable Voltage [][][]





LM2596 [Step down buck converter]

Can only reduce and regulate voltage, Not step up. Use Batteries in series (7.4V) and reduce as needed


LM2596 Datasheet - Here  

LM2596 Mod Builders Forum Board  - Here 

Notes on Trimmer value for best Voltage range - Here

Very easy VV mod - Forum post for small  2x 18350 LM2596 Box mod  


LM2596 - VV Mod Schematics from  (


Only reads volts at the atomiser, no reading for battery voltage. To be able to read both battery and Atomiser voltage use schematic below ................ 









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Awesome site with great MOD building tutorials and parts kits