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Box Drilling - Don't buy drill bits. Buy 2 stepped Drill bits, 1 odd, 1 Even


Re-draw schematics before building - (use MS-1 example/TubeScreamer)

Use Toothpicks (and PVA glue) to fill old screw holes / Drilling mistake




Useful Tool box items  




Sand with 400-600 grit sand paper

Use thinnest Glossy Inkjet photo paper  - 150gsm 




Box Etching Tips ... Toner transfer

Sand box -  400 grit / 150gsm glossy printer paper

700 ml  ferric / 300 ml water  (+ copper lump) and  100g citric acid crystals















DIY LC - diy-fever.com/software/diylc/


Resistor CC Calculator - www.hobby-hour.com/electronics/resistorcalculator.php



Useful Articles....