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"How to Build a Beadboard box"


Ok ... So what the fuck is a Breadboard if it isn't something you slice bread on? A Breadboard is an electronics prototyping board that allows you to plug in components without soldering them into place allowing you to play around with and tweak circuits before you commit yourself. The reason they are called breadboards is because people used to literally hammer nails into a piece of wood and then wrap components and wires around the nails to prototype circuits. Now breadboards are awesome because they allow you to prototype and test any circuit really quickly and cleanly without burning yourself or ruining components but there adaptability is also what can make them quite frustrating to work with ... 










This is the smokey circuit from the previous article, placed on a Breadboard. As you can see, even with this ridiculously simple circuit, you've already got stuff just hanging off the side.  Now imagine adding a couple of potentiometers, an output jack and a DC power supply ... Then imagine trying to plug your curly lead in with with one hand while your guitar balances on you knee ... I think you know where this is going. 

 So... when you have finally picked up all the bits off the floor, put a ding in your headstock as it whacked off the table, and plugged all the wires and components back into the tiny holes ... you might be looking for a more elegant solution to prototyping your circuit that isn't as slippery as a fish and doesn't end up looking like a cyberpunk Kraken.