How to Paint the Guinness horses [][][]

 This was a commission through The Roadhouse in Pudsey. The lady who's tank this is supplied me with an old Guinness promotional poster used during their award winning ad campaign. It is an excellent advert, love the Leftfield track. If you haven't seen the ad you can see it here. The brief was pretty straight forward, she wanted the 2 horse on right of the picture painting on the top of the tank with the spray and the clouds but minus the surfers. Heres how to do it........ 








Step [1] - Base coat and prep the tank 


Step [2] - Create a mask from a photocopy of your image  


 Step [3] - spray a positive image of the horses from your negative template 



Step [4] - spray a negative silhouette of the horses from your positive stencil  


Step [4] - Paint the rest of the tank