Vespa [Sketchbook]

I have loved Vespa's ever since I bought my first one age 16, a shitty pink/purple PK50 that went 25 mile an hour flat out, looked like scrap and sounded like the world was ending. No idea what started my obsession, don't really know why it continue. All I can say is....if you know, then you know [][][] 








Vespa Negative Print idea [][][]









 Skewed /Abstract Vespa [][][] 





























Pile O' Vespas [][][] 











Pile O' Vespas Wallpaper [][][]



































Pile o' Vespas in blue [][][]














Vespa Print [][][]












































Vespa Stroke iPad [][][]
























Vespa-Haynes desktop set [][][] 

Desktop image and folder set i created from Vespa Haynes manual Technical Drawings . download DeskTop image here  Used a free copy of  IconBuilder to create these folder icons Which you can download for free here.












vespa mallosi 166 gasket [][][] 
















Lambretta corner [][][]









Lam Chop Silhouettes [][][]