Schematics [][][] 

 Just a collection of some of my childish rainbow coloured crayon drawings of circuit schematics. Propper schematics are so dull and unappealing I thought they needed gaying up a bit........hope you find them usefull.









Pre amps [][][]

LPB-1 Booster - ElectroHarmonix 


 Booster from Big Daddy - Runoffgroove 


Op-amp buffer - Muzique?  

 Klon Centaur buffer - Klon 



Electra Distortion  - electra guitars  


Stratoblaster - Alembnic


Re do - Res Values wrong way round 

Runy/Noisy Cricket Buffer - ROG & BA


mylk [386] - Pre amp 













Power Amps [][][] 

Bridged 386's - Datasheet  



TDA7052a BTL config -Datasheet


JRC2073 BTL config -Datasheet













Tone Controls [][][]

 Stupidly Wonderful Tone control II -


 Big muff pi / AMZ Tone


Big muff pi / AMZ Tone control - 











Tone filters [][][]

Mid scoop - Beavis audio



Mid scoop - Unknown












Speaker Cab Simulators [][][]

 Simple sim - Joe Davidson




 Condor Cab sim - Run of groove











Other stuff [][][]